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All our gooseneck are fully custom made, Designing And Manufacturing Various Kinds Of Flexible Metal Tubes.Our gooseneck tubes can be made to your specifications with many options for length, strength, flexibility, Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, end adapters and coatings/coverings. 

flexible arm

The Gooseneck Tube (Flexible Gooseneck Tubing / Steel Gooseneck Tube) is able to support, bend into any shape,adjust bending position and protect wires inside. Different Surface treatment are available to meet different requirements. 

The supplying range is OD2.0mm~40.0mm and minimum ID is 1.2mm which is defined according to specifications.

Here are some sample colors with the color Paint or black electro-plating

gooseneck flexible mounting arm

Here are some sample colors with the PE coatings.

gooseneck phone holder

Here are some sample colors with the Silicone coatings.

gooseneck lamp holder

The PE coating is thinner, generally about 1mm, and tighter to the gooseneck because it is “heat shrunk.” Silicone is thicker, generally about 1-2 mm, and popular in healthcare industries where the gooseneck must be kept sanitary.

We are the poinner in flexible arm tubing manufacturers in china,Using computer numerical control machine production the flexible metal tubing, length and diameter respectively can be controlled within 1mm. Products adapted to the PC cameras, USB scanner, USB fan, LED lights, universal small flashlight, computer headphone , Microphones, desk lamps, floor lamps, machine tool work lamps, Medical Devices,military antenna,etc.

If your gooseneck manufacturer has let you down please contact us. 
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